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IEEE/ACM TASLP Joint Special Issue on the Ninth and Tenth Dialog System Technology Challenge

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The Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC) is an ongoing series of research competitions for dialog systems. To accelerate the development of new dialog technologies, the DSTCs have provided common testbeds for various research problems. The Ninth and Tenth Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC9&10) consist of the following nine main tracks.


-Beyond Domain APIs: Task-oriented Conversational Modeling with Unstructured Knowledge Access

-Multi-domain Task-oriented Dialog Challenge II

-Interactive Evaluation of Dialog

-SIMMC: Situated Interactive Multi-Modal Conversational AI


-MOD: Internet Meme Incorporated Open-domain Dialog

-Knowledge-grounded Task-oriented Dialogue Modeling on Spoken Conversations

-SIMMC 2.0: Situated Interactive Multimodal Conversational AI

-Reasoning for Audio Visual Scene-Aware Dialog

-Automatic Evaluation and Moderation of Open-domain Dialogue Systems

This special issue will host work on any of the DSTC9&10 tasks. Papers may describe entries in the official DSTC9&10 challenge, or any research utilizing their datasets irrespective of the participation in the official challenge. We also welcome papers that analyze the DSTC9&10 tasks or results themselves. Finally, we also invite papers on previous DSTC tasks as well as general technical papers on any dialog-related research problems.

Submission requirements


You can get the author guide from the following link:

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Important Dates


-Manuscript submission date: November 15, 2022

-First Review Completed: January 15, 2022

-Revised Manuscript Due: February 15, 2023

-Second Review Completed: April 15, 2023

-Final Manuscript Due: May 30, 2023

-Expected publication date: August 2023



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Guest Editors

Koichiro Yoshino, RIKEN, Japan

Chulaka Gunasekara, IBM Research AI, USA

Guest Associate Editors

Seokhwan Kim, Amazon Alexa

Jinchao Li, Meta

Luis Fernando D'Haro, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Joao Sedoc, New York University

Shane Moon, Meta

Chiori Hori, MERL

Di Jin, Amazon Alexa