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Q: Why we need pre-registration?

A: We send you the detailed information of your registered track after the training release. Please check the tracks you are interested in.

Q: How do we update the information if we want to change the track to participate?

A: Please put your new interests with the same e-mail address. We will send you the information according to your latest information.

Q: Is it necessary to participate in the challenge if we make pre-registration?

A: You can withdraw your entry before the test data release. We ask you again before the test data release whether you will submit the final results or not. After you receive the test data, we request you to submit at least one entry as your result.

Q: Would the data/resources be released only to the registered participants?

A: We will notify the latest information to people who pre-registered. Finally, the data will be opened, but during the challenge period, each track organizer will decide whether they will make open the data or not.